6 Simple Tips Tidy Homeowners Swear By

Ever wondered what it takes to keep a home consistently clean and inviting? At Carpet And Duct we believe in the power of a clean and welcoming home to kickstart a fresh chapter, especially as the new year begins. Cultivating cleaning habits doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

We’ve done some digging into the daily habits of folks who ace the art of home cleanliness, and here’s what we’ve uncovered. These are real-life, simple tidying tips from ordinary people who maintain clean homes without the fuss and hassle.

Let’s peek into their world and gather some ideas for achieving a cleaner, more organized living space!

6 Tidying Tips from Tidy People

  1. Clean people clean a little each day. It’s the golden rule for many tidy homeowners. Instead of marathon cleaning sessions, they tackle small tasks daily—wiping counters, folding laundry, or tidying up after meals—to keep things in check.
  2. Those with spotless homes swear by daily routines. They follow a set schedule for cleaning tasks, making it a habit rather than a sporadic chore, limiting the urge to procrastinate. By dedicating specific times to chores, they ensure no area is neglected for too long.
  3. Tidy homes require clear goals. Successful cleaners set achievable targets, like decluttering one area per week or tidying up before bedtime. It’s the little victories that pave the way for an overall cleaner home.
  4. Clean homes aren’t made alone. Many tidy-home keepers don’t go solo. They involve the entire household in maintaining cleanliness. Need some game ideas to make cleaning a family affair?
    • Try a “15-Minute Cleanup/Time Bomb” where everyone helps. Anyone caught not helping gets a strike. 3 strikes have a previously agreed-upon consequence. Got little ones? Try the “Pillowcase Monster Game” by using some felt and a pillowcase, harnessing your artistic skills to create a pillowcase monster. The monster “eats” everything left on the floor!
  5. People with tidy homes make cleaning enjoyable. Infuse joy into cleaning by creating a pleasant atmosphere. Play your favorite music or podcasts while cleaning, or treat yourself to something special once the tasks are complete. Did you know that having a clean home can provide mental health benefits? Check out our blog to see how a clean home can impact you! These tidying tips can make a huge difference in your life!
  6. Tidiness enthusiasts know when to call for backup. Sometimes, a helping hand can work wonders. Hire a housecleaning service. Find out if carpet and duct cleaning are available in your area. Our expertise ensures a deep, lasting clean, providing you with a fresh start.

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