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Carpet cleaning and its importance.

Indoor air quality is very important to our health. The U.S. EPA has stated that Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors!

Urban legends state that carpets reduce the indoor air quality. According to the Carpet & Rug Institute “the facts support quite the opposite in that carpet is better for indoor air quality because it acts as a filter by trapping allergens and keeping them out of the breathing zone. In fact, there is no scientific study linking the rise of allergies and asthma to the use of carpet.”

The best way to eliminate the negative effects of allergens in your home is to keep your carpet clean. Vacuuming is the simplest and most effective way to remove excess dirt and allergens from your carpet. It is estimated that 90 to 95% of all dry soil by weight can be removed from your carpet by simply following a routine vacuuming schedule. Another essential in eliminating allergens in your home is regular carpet cleaning!

Most carpet manufacturers require hot extraction to comply with their warranty requirements. It is critical that you choose a reputable company that will not bring harsh chemicals or leave sticky residue after they clean. our hot extraction process uses a patented non-toxic system that complies with all carpet warranty requirements and leaves no chemical or soap residue thus making it safe for your home environment. carpet and duct cleaning’s powerful cleaning method sucks up the dirt and allergens in your carpet. They also clean the allergens from your air ducts which is another way to help allergy sufferers in your home! If you are committed to a healthy home environment and improving air quality in your home, choose carpet and a cleaning method that will remove the allergens in your home.

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