How to Refresh Your Home This Spring!

New Season, New You

While many people celebrate the start of the new year in January, we believe that the mark of a new year really begins with the onset of spring. It’s hard to start new habits and feel fresh in the middle of the cold and rainy season. That’s why refreshing your home in spring can feel like the fresh start you need!

Spring Into Action

When it comes to a spring refresh, where’s the best place to begin? It’s likely that you have a lot of big ideas for what you want your home to look like, so breaking it down into small chunks can help you take actionable steps toward your dream home! Here’s how we recommend getting organized:

Make a List: This might sound obvious, but creating one big list of things you’d like to change can help you get clear on where to start. If you don’t have a vision already, making a list helps you form one. The best way to start is with very clear goals in mind!

Declutter: Your next best step is to move room by room, decluttering as much as you can. After a season of staying inside and being cozy, it’s time to start drawing back the curtains and letting some fresh spring energy flow into your home! The best way to do this is to remove the things that no longer serve you and make room for what the spring has to offer.

Get Organized: Take your space up a notch by starting a system of organization. Maybe it looks like adding categorized bins to your home, or maybe it means rearranging your entire kitchen. Whatever it is, though it might sound daunting now, your future self will thank you for creating cohesion and flow in your home

Spring Swaps: Now that the cold season is over, it’s time to retire the chunky knit blankets and fill your home with houseplants and fresh flowers. Adding more greenery to your home can emulate a similar comfortable feel all while improving your indoor air quality!

Spring Cleaning: Now that your home is organized and decluttered, it’s time to do a deep cleaning. It may not sound fun at the moment, but clean homes can lead to clearer minds! You can break your home down by room, or you can break it into tasks. Maybe you tackle cleaning your bedroom first, or maybe you decide vacuuming the whole house is the best place to start. Either way, creating a cleaning system over the next few days will help you break the chores into manageable chunks.

Time to Get Started!

Now that you’ve got a plan for getting your home nice and clean this spring, it’s time to get started! Spring into good cleaning habits this season and watch your home transform!

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