Is It Worth The Cost To Reupholster Old Furniture?

Your furniture receives a lot of love. 

You and your family spend a great deal of time watching movies on your big fluffy couches, visiting with neighbors on elegant sitting chairs, and resting those hard-working feet on your ottoman. 

You have spent a large portion of your life in close contact with your favorite furnishings. 

You grow together, fall apart together, and have patched yourselves up together. After a long day at work or a night in the town, it seems like there’s no better place you’d rather be than snuggled up in your favorite nesting place.

While your cozy recliner may have been a loyal and comfortable friend to you all these years, it has also taken quite the beating. Oils from the skin, crumbs from your favorite snacks and other dirt and debris that have fallen onto your furniture have all contributed to the worn-down state of your furnishings. 

As the years go by, the upholstery that covers your furniture becomes home to a wide variety of devious microbes that can lead to foul odors, inflamed allergy symptoms, and even illness. Taking the time to clean furniture every few months is a task that many people neglect or forget about until it seems too overwhelming to take on. Instead of even attempting to clean the upholstery, you may rather have it replaced, or even toss the whole sofa out and get a new one!

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Reupholster Old Furniture?

I’m sure you are aware of the large expense it would be to throw your old furniture out and completely replace it with new furniture. So what about reupholstery? While it seems like it would be a very simple process, recovering old furniture tends to involve the need for new springs, new brackets, new foam, plus the new upholstery. That’s a lot of work! The national average cost to reupholster a two cushion couch is about $1,220 according to, and the prices will vary depending on the size, style, fabric, skirting, accessories, and labor required. If you are looking to reupholster an even larger piece of furniture such as a sectional, you better be saving up those pennies because that kind of service can cost up to $4,950!

With numerous hidden costs and unforeseen expenses lingering around the corner, the thrifty consumer would be wise to do a bit of research and consider the alternatives. Not in the Budget? There’s A Solution!

Now that you can see the outrageous costs that accompany recovering your favorite furniture through reupholstery, you must be very curious to know if there any other ways you could make your old recliner feel like new again. Have you considered hiring a professional upholstery cleaner? Didn’t know they existed? Well, boy do we have some good news for you. Because if reupholstering your furniture is not in the budget, and scrubbing your chair endlessly into the night is something nobody you don’t have time for, enlisting the services of a professional upholstery cleaner will be far more affordable and worth your time. Our experienced cleaners here at Carpet and Duct Cleaning can make quick work of even the biggest jobs. 

Our top-of-the-line equipment and our team of professionals can clean your furnishings to like-new conditions faster than you could collect all the items off your shopping list at the grocery store. Our unique cleaning techniques will help remove unattractive odors and harmful contaminants that have collected over time. We achieve a cleaner surface without leaving any harmful or sticky residues behind. 

Be sure to give us a call today at 949-992-9299 or schedule an appointment with us online to have your well-loved furniture back to the clean and comfortable state you once fell in love with!

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